First course just launched!

Personality Development Course

Through his philosophical lenses, Professor Carvalho invites us to truly know our personality, not only as a shallow curiosity, but as a fundamental element that constitutes the very basis of our own existence and influences a large portion of our lives. Professor Carvalho developed an original study: The Theory of the 12 Layers of Personality. Throughout each stage of life, there are challenges that weigh on us, and knowing them in advance gives us the power to broaden our consciousness, to pursue the full potential of our human existence, and even to understand the past and present circumstances of society. In past decades, thousands of students had the opportunity to learn directly from professor Olavo de Carvalho. Countless readers and students have shared testimonials on how his philosophy classes had transformed their lives. Now, we are happy to announce that English speakers will also be able to enjoy this opportunity.

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