"The first thing that should be required of any educator is that he knows precisely whom he intends to educate, for how long he needs to educate his students, and what are the evaluation criteria with which he will gauge the success or failure of his venture. Virtually none of those who are today lauded as great educators pass this test. Neither Paulo Freire, nor Jean Piaget, nor Vygostky, nor Emilia Ferreiro. The disastrous results of socio-constructivism are already so old and so widely known as the very idea that generated them. (...) The greatest of all educators, Socrates, never made plans for global education nor ever thought about pre-formatting minds of future generations. Still he merely confined himself to educating those who were within his reach, that is, a single generation, a small circle of students–out of which emerged two other great philosophers, Plato and Aristotle".